Warm Weather Clothing:

  • Bathing suit


  • 2 T­shirts for sailing


  • 1 T­shirt for after sailing


  • Shorts (2 pair if no bathing suit) (longer are usually better)


  • *Try to avoid cotton it doesn't dry very quickly and chances are you’ll get wet


  • Footwear: teava­like sandals, old tennis shoes, something that will stay on your feet

Cooler Weather Clothing:

  • Spray pants/top (The team has a couple of these that can be borrowed)


  • Long underwear or other pants that will keep you warm and dry fast


  • Long sleeve shirt


  • Fleece anything (dries fast)


  • Footwear: Boots (the team also has a lot of these) / or Sealskins

Really Cold Weather Sailing:

  • Dry suit (Another item that the team has that can be borrowed)


  • Lots and lots of layers of fleece or similar material


  • Long underwear/fleece pant (or both when it is really cold)


  • Wool socks


  • Hat


  • Gloves (for in between or sailing gloves)


  • Footwear: Boots

Other Essentials:

  • Lifejacket (team can supply some)


  • Bailer for crew (the old style tide bottles work best, but you can be creative)


  • Money for gas and some extra for other food we get


  • Sleeping bag


  • Pillow


  • Towel


  • Sunblock


  • Small toiletry bag

*Clearly this list isn’t everything to bring you can fill in the rest for what else you would

want for when you aren’t sailing or the “registration meeting”. Really the usual stuff you

would bring for a weekend of being outside will work well for regattas.