Christian "Daddie" McAlvey - Commodore

Home Port: Okemos, MI

Major: Pre-med Biochemistry 

Boat Name: Sea-duction 

Interesting Fact: Once chugged a gallon of

Lactaid because it "tasted good"

Pete "Pety Buoy" Atkins - Vice Commodore

Home Port: Toledo, OH

Major: Journalism 

Boat Name: Edmund TitzGerald  

Interesting Fact: Llama enthusiast 

Rachel "L.L. Cool Ray" Rantanen - Captain

Home Port: Spring Lake, MI

Major: Interior Design  

Boat Name: Te-keel-la 

Interesting Fact: Interesting person or Person

of interest? 

Ryan "Bubba" Geiser - Captain

Home Port: Traverse City, MI

Major: Public Policy

Boat Name: Unsinkable II  

Interesting Fact: Can fly anywhere for free


Ben "Gold Digger" Arnold - Treasurer

Home Port: Harbor Springs, MI

Major: Agri-Business Management 

Boat Name: Under the Sheets

Interesting Fact: Hobbies include card

shuffling and backing into parking spots


Becca "Land-hoe!" Meyer - Secretary

Home Port: St. Joseph, MI

Major: Environmental Sustainability 

Boat Name: Rum-a-ground 

Interesting Fact: Prefers to be in irons   


Noah "Corn Boy" Marzke - Alumni Chair

Home Port: St. Joseph, MI

Major: Construction Management 

Boat Name: Nauti Broad

Interesting Fact: Gets geared up about




Anna "Keeke" Blohm - Social Media Chair

Home Port: Holt, MI

Major: Advertising 

Boat Name: The Caledonia

Interesting Fact: Least intersting twin you will

ever meet